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Grand Prix Rules


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  • Runner must be a member of TCRR Club with a current membership (only races run as a member will count toward Grand Prix).
  • Runner must volunteer at least 1 time and complete at least 1 race, with a total of 4 races and/or volunteering in any combination (i.e. completing 1 race + volunteering 3 times, or completing 3 races + volunteering 1 time)
  • Runner may run in the race in which he/she volunteers (scroll down for updated info on volunteer opportunities)




Points will be awarded in the following manner:

  • For every race that you run, you will be awarded 1 point.  Regardless of where you place in that race.
  • For every race at which you volunteer, you will be awarded 2 points.  Please remember to sign the volunteer sheet at each race in order to get credit!
  • For every new member/family that you refer that joins the club, you will be awarded 3 points.  There is now a place on the membership application for new members to write in the name of the person who referred them.
  • For every corporate/business sponsorship of $100 or more that you get for a race, you will be awarded 5 points.

All TCRR Contract Races are Grand Prix races!!  Some may be added during the year, so keep an eye on our schedule.  We will also be sending periodic e-mails.

Awards will be given to the top three point achievers in each 5- year age group.  Your Grand Prix age will be determined by your age at the first race of the calendar year.  The top 3 runners with the most points (male and female) will receive additional awards.

Awards will be given at next year’s White Bank Classic (this will be announced on website).


To receive volunteer points for Grand Prix purposes, the following rules apply:

  1. Volunteer must sign the Volunteer Sign-In sheet located at the pre-registration packet pick-up table.
  2. Volunteer points will be posted after each race, if any discrepancies are identified the volunteer must request reconsideration within 30 days of the points posting.
  3. Volunteer points may be earned by full participation in the following activities:
  •   Race Director/Co-Director
  •   Pre- and/or race day registration from START to FINISH
  •   Race day packet pick-up from START to FINISH
  •   Food/beverage coordinator
  •   Food/beverage volunteer on race day
  •   Course Set-up
  •   Course Tear-down
  •   Equipment pick-up/delivery
  •   Water stop
  •   Finish line positions (timer, bull, tag puller/stringer, runner, safety, tick sheet)
  •  Clean-up
  •  Race application/development and advertising
  •  Any activity the race director considers  a significant contribution to the race
  •  Road Guard
  •  Results
  •  Measuring/marking course


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