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A few of us are linking up through  which is free through Garmin.  It is a little tricky, but here are the basic steps.  1) Create and account through  .  2) Register and link your gps running watch  3) Upload the data stored on your device. Unlock the activities you wish to share. 4) Search for a friend by following link "connect with friends" under my connections box. 5) Send a connect request to your friend after you find them. 6) Your friend will be sent an email from garmin and the friend will need to click on the link embedded in the email. 7) You will be able to see , like, and comment on your friends activities. 8) your friend will need to follow the same procedure to see your activities. 

Once you activate your account on you can push your runs right to facebook and other social media with one click.  

It is also an easy way to keep a record of your runs and races, even going back several years. 

In addition to the times, paces, speed, elevation and all the "numbers" the application also plots your run on google maps or bing maps. 

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I use Garmin Connect, but I've never used it to connect with friends.  It sounds like a great way to keep up with them, though...


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